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  • 5
    One of my Faves

    Posted by Sydney N. on 25th Sep 2020

    I use your CBD cream when I have hand and wrist pain in between my lash clients!

  • 4
    elbow pains

    Posted by Alyssa C. on 23rd Sep 2020

    Im a server for kbbq i constantly have to change the grills and bring all the meat to the table it usually hurts my elbow constantly but during shifts i like to rub the cream on my elbow so I can get back to job!

  • 4

    Posted by Chris D. on 20th Sep 2020

    I always carry it with me to the gym. Works great on my shoulders!

  • 4
    lower tense back

    Posted by Ky C. on 17th Sep 2020

    Have a tense back can definttely ruin my day but since i have been using the cream it makes my day go by without much weight and pain on my back!

  • 5

    Posted by Kristy on 15th Sep 2020

    I wear high heels alot so my feet are always super sore. Apply it after you shower and ready for bed trust me! :)

  • 5

    Posted by Brian T. on 15th Aug 2020

    Tennis elbow is something that is always recurring for me. I always apply and reapply before and post sessions after my game.

  • 5
    Pulled my lower back

    Posted by Kenzi E. on 2nd Aug 2020

    Been using this on my lower back after pulling a muscle. I definitely notice it helping and love the way it feels!

  • 4

    Posted by Jackson on 30th Jul 2020

    My body is always so worn out after surfing so this cream is killer for soreness!

  • 4
    Lather Alot

    Posted by Avery on 28th Jul 2020

    Big tip that I can give is if you want to feel the relief quicker just add a little extra more cream on your pain point and massage it in!