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Aries Essentials was founded on the concept of family. Keeping the ideology at the heart of what we do allows us to continue to operate and strive to help individuals feel like themselves again. For my entire life, I have witnessed my dad suffer from debilitating arthritis, my mom from anxiety and depression, and my father-in-law battled Stage 4 Lung Cancer for 10 years. Each of them suffered differently but they all found relief using Cannabidiol (CBD). My parents were introduced to CBD by family friends who are physicians and my father-in-law's oncologist recommended he use it for the side effects of his chemotherapy treatments. Those recommendations changed my family forever.

My family experiences inspired me to enter the wellness industry. I saw the power natural products could have and wanted to educate and inspire more people to try them. My family was never defined by their ailments and I admired them so much for that. That is what motivated me to build a like-minded team who wanted to make a positive impact on people's lives. I leverage my experience working with natural product brands through formulation and manufacturing to create Aries Essentials.

We are a wellness brand with a fresh and refined take on CBD products. By utilizing the world’s best natural ingredients, we created amazing formulas while micro-batching our products to ensure they are consistent and effective. Our products are designed to remove the negative stigma associated with CBD by blending into your everyday lives both in your daily routine and your counter-space.

We hope you enjoy our products and allow us to be part of your wellness journey. No one should ever be defined by their ailments and everyone deserves to feel like the best version of themselves.