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What is it?

A 3 pack of our CBD Oil Tincture so you can either share, or have a backup when times get tough!

Tincture Bundle

(35 reviews)
  • 4
    After work reliever

    Posted by Bianca N. on 6th May 2020

    Take this right after Im done with my shift at work so I can wind down mentally during the drive home. Been a great addition to my nightime routine.

  • 4
    Tried for sleep

    Posted by Beatrice on 28th Mar 2020

    Bought this oil for my husband because hes a light sleeper, been using it for 2 weeks but he said he notices a difference!

  • 4

    Posted by Alex P. on 23rd Mar 2020

    Had a good neutral taste. Surprised me there was no taste of THC.

  • 5
    MAJOR Anxiety

    Posted by Karli T. on 18th Mar 2020

    I struggle with MAJOR anxiety when driving and traveling :\ I carry this baby everywhere I go to help alleviate my stress/anxiety levels.

  • 5
    Non-intrusive and Safe

    Posted by Breanne on 14th Mar 2020

    Been wanting to find a natural remedy that was non-intrusive and safe for me to blend into my routine to help with winding down at night. I cant express how much it has helped me in my nightly routine to relax and decompress. CBD oil drops especially help me with the quality of sleep that Ive been lacking! :)

  • 5
    Mental Balance

    Posted by Derrick T. on 2nd Mar 2020

    I feel like I have a greater time planning my work strategy after taking CBD before my morning tasks!

  • 5

    Posted by Gerry N. on 1st Mar 2020

    I have a hard time getting enough sleep but this gets the job done for me. Cool simple design for me to get behind.

  • 4
    Dog Friendly!

    Posted by Francine on 29th Feb 2020

    I have Coco take her cbd oil before she goes outside and shes less jumpy and anxious!

  • 4

    Posted by Alex H. on 26th Feb 2020

    Good balance for me between this and my pen.