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What is it?

Watermelon wedges that help you handle stress & anxiety before it's even an issue.  Treat yourself to some goodies that help you feel like yourself!

Who's it for?

For those candy lovers who want a delicious way to help calm your mind and body!

Watermelon Wedges

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    Watermelon Goodness!

    Posted by Aryka Williams on 21st May 2022

    I tried the Watermelon Wedges that someone I knew recommended for anxiety. I can tell you that I LOVE these. They really did help. I didn’t tell my husband about them, or that I was trying something different- until a week later. He said he’d noticed a difference in me. He said he was going to say something, but I’d mentioned it first. I’m less irritable, I don’t get snippy, which means I feel better- I’m more relaxed, more at ease. What I love about CBD is that you’re not high- you just kind of ease down, stupid stuff doesn’t bother you so much. Also, I like that it’s not a prescription pill- it’s a CBD gummy that you take periodically. More when you feel you need to, less when you don’t.
    Highly recommend. These have been quite effective, and I’m very happy. Thank you Aries! ❤️

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    The best thing ever!

    Posted by Aryka Williams on 17th May 2022

    I’ve had anxiety and depression for several years. I tried many prescription meds for it, but it tended to make it worse. Way worse. I saw these, randomly, and thought I’d give it a shot. My experience with CBD is almost zero. I didn’t tell my spouse I was taking them- wanted to try them first. After about a week or ten days, I told him (he could benefit too, I think) and he told me he’d noticed a big difference in my attitude, my demeanor, I seemed happier, more relaxed. I was more “me” again.. He didn’t know why till I told him- but he was really happy about that. He’s going to try them too. 100% would recommend. I’m not edgy, I’m not upset or irritated with stupid things. I was out for a couple days- I didn’t revert back- but I could feel it. The prescription stuff I’ve been given over the years always made everything worse. I then had no feelings or emotions- I was flat. It affected sex drive. A couple that I took were actually were so bad, I had suicidal thoughts and cried every night. I was done with that. These just ease anxiety, make you feel like you are YOU. There’s no “up” or “down”. You just feel better. With less anxiety- I’m able to get more things accomplished. Regular, everyday things. It’s just amazing to me. I sleep better, with no “hangover” in the morning. Even melatonin would leave me groggy the next day. These are awesome. My first experience with CBD, but I’m so excited about it, and am telling everyone. Thank you!

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    Watermelon wedges

    Posted by Ladiblack Angel on 12th May 2022

    They are bomb just like the gummies ❤️❤️

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    I absolutely LOVE this product!!!

    Posted by Andre Wilson on 2nd May 2022

    Love the product!!!

  • 5
    Watermelon gummies

    Posted by Lora Morse on 18th Apr 2022

    Absolutely perfect! I love them and they help my stress!

  • 5
    Watermelon Wedges

    Posted by Unknown on 11th Apr 2022

    Absolutely 5 stars! I wasn’t sure about what to expect with these, as I need something light to just help take the edge off my anxiety and let me tell you — these work PERFECTLY! No complaints whatsoever!

  • 5
    Highly recommend

    Posted by Paige matula on 6th Apr 2022

    Never tried anything like this before, til now. Very happy with the product. Highly recommend! Tastes so good too!

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    Truly perfect

    Posted by Kacy on 1st Jan 2022

    I recently got off Zoloft and needed something to add to my anxiety medication to take the edge off when things become overwhelming. I saw my fav ASMR tik toker use them for sleep at night and to relax so I thought why not try it out myself! I’m on my third jar and just ordered a fourth! I love these. They truly work. They help me focus and relax. I can get so much more done without that inner anxious voice during the day and they have helped my sleep a lot. Saving up for the watermelon bundle next!!!

  • 5

    Posted by Angel H. on 13th Dec 2021

    Wow is all I can say about how fast you ship!!!! I’m a repeat customer because these watermelon wedges are just what I need at night to unwind. Having the holiday discount is a bonus. Thank you From a very happy customer