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What is it?

Watermelon wedges that help you handle stress & anxiety before it's even an issue.  Treat yourself to some goodies that help you feel like yourself!

Watermelon Wedges

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    Watermelon Wedges

    Posted by Jay on 18th Sep 2022

    My anxiety can be hard to manage and the watermelon wedges have helped me so much!

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    Watermelon wedged

    Posted by Angie on 9th Sep 2022

    This is doing wonders for my son that has anxiety And works in a very stressful place, he deals with situations different like more calm collected mind! He feels proud he does gets impatient .so it does help a lot!!

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    Tried the rest

    Posted by Gena on 2nd Sep 2022

    I have tried others gummies and have never had the results like I did with these. Will buy again. I recommend to anyone with anxiety needing good sleep. I only have to use two at bedtime.

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    Watermelon gummies

    Posted by Misty Williams on 2nd Sep 2022

    This is the best product I have ever used. Helps with sleeping and is a huge help in managing my aches and pains

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    Watermelon wedges

    Posted by Jodi on 15th Aug 2022

    Not only do these taste amazing, but they work so well!!

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    Stress Relief

    Posted by Zulekha Williams on 4th Aug 2022

    The watermelon wedges provide a great stress relief! Taste amazing! Eating 1-2 twice daily allow me to feel calm and relaxed! Love them!!

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    I absolutely recommend these!

    Posted by Kaylee Powell on 4th Aug 2022

    I’ve tried a lot of different things for my anxiety and CPTSD. Bach’s Rescue Remedy, prescribed medications, even other edibles and always found them to be lacking in someway; be it effectiveness, affordability, or how it left me feeling after taking it.

    These, however, have been a pleasant and surprising product for me. The flavor is actually really good, it tastes just like a normal candy. The texture is nice because it’s soft and doesn’t stick to my teeth. And taking 2 first thing in the morning when I first wake up has helped ease me into the day and kept meltdowns to a minimum. On a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being absolute contentment and 10 being a crisis level breakdown having these on hand has helped situations that felt like a 7 or 8 dial back to a 2 or 3. They obviously can’t wipe my brain entirely of all the weird, upsetting thoughts or triggers I face throughout the day but they do quell the physical responses to overwhelming feelings that would normally cripple me. They calm my mind enough to think clearly about problem solving. And they’ve even helped me sleep!

    During the summer I get really intense CPTSD episodes that result in night terrors and insomnia. Before these came in I was sleeping maybe 4 hours a night most nights and then when the exhaustion hit after a few days I’d sleep for up to 14 hours. So, in addition to the 2 i take in the morning I also started having one of these in the evening about 2 hours before I actually plan on laying down for sleep. The last few nights I’ve been getting at least 6 hours ( but usually closer to 8 ) and haven’t had any night terrors.

    I gave some of them to family members that I thought could also benefit from them and heard similar success stories after only a few days.

    One of my loved ones has extreme anxiety that will manifest as physical body tension and cause procrastination and avoidance behaviors. They said they took 2 gummies on a particularly stressful day and while they did still have worried thoughts there was no physical response. Their feelings weren’t the same panicked frazzled emotions they’d normally associate with a stressful day. They were actually able to be productive and get things done with a clearer mindset and less physical discomfort!

    Another loved one has special needs, and attends a life skill academy to learn self reliance and how to do certain tasks. They are quick to emotional responses that are long lasting. If they have a bad day at school on Monday they don’t go to school on Tuesday because they are still mentally recovering and processing their feelings. This last Monday when they got in the car they told their mom it was a BAD day— their nervous system was absolutely ablaze. The following morning they were still feeling the aftershocks and didn’t want to go to school. Their mom asked if they’d like to try a gummy or two and they did. About an hour later they said they were feeling a bit better, but not entirely great, so their mom have them two more and took them to school. Their mom waited for the phone call to pick them up early all day but it never came. When she went and picked them up from school they said they had a great day! Was feeling totally fine! When their mom asked what they thought made they difference they said they think the gummies helped them get through the day.

    I’ve been absolutely blown away by these because in addition to all of this they don’t have the laundry list of deterrents that other products do. They don’t give me brain fog or make me feel like I’m not myself. They don’t upset my stomach or taste bad. They don’t leave me feeling gross or lethargic once they’ve worn off. They just help me operate and function in my every day life better. And I think that’s really cool.

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    I got the product a. Week ago and it works great I plan on getting more

    Posted by Jamel platte on 29th Jul 2022

    I got the product a. Week ago and it works great I plan on getting more

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    Watermelon Wedge Review

    Posted by Angela Charles on 15th Jul 2022

    These have an awesome taste and help maintain my anxiety. They are great!!!